I typically buy from Sunnynook Farms, Chipaway Stables, Ventura Grain, Progressive growers,

Tractor Supply, and Mahoneys Garden Center.
Common brands include Blue Seal, Agway, Nutrena, Green Mountain, Purina, Poulin and Ventura grains,
but can also include any other brands or items carried by these stores.

I am willing to source other  products and brands from other locations.
However, these items may require an additional pickup charge if  they are not on my normal route.

Special orders or large quantities are welcomed but may require

additional lead time for ordering up the supply chain.

Delivery is FREE to most island locations –  except as noted below.*

*There may be a delivery fee for; locations that are difficult to access – such as a long hand truck distance,

  an upstairs storage area or for items that are difficult to handle.

A delivery fee may also be charged on large hay loads (unless you provide help).
 Otherwise – NO fuel charge, NO freight charge. NO other fees

I will put most things away for you.
I am happy to put or dump your bag into your barrel so you can order larger, cheaper bags
without concern for it being too heavy to lift.

Please let me know if you would like this FREE service when you place your first order.
All non-exempt items are subject to MA State Sales Tax 6.25%

Due to the effects of the Corona Virus, I expect some disruptions in supplies, possibly significant.

I will need your order by no later than Wednesday night of the week before I deliver.
I will do my best to add your order if you submit it after that time.
However, it is increasingly unlikely to be possible.

Please remember that Special Orders or Large quantities may require extra lead time
for ordering up the supply chain.

 I will attempt to contact you  if an item is unavailable, to discuss possible substitutes.

We send out email reminders the week prior to our order deadline.

 Please respond to us either way so we know you have received our message.
Please add us to your contact list, so our emails don’t go to your Spam folder.

We acknowledge all email orders manually, not automatically

(usually within one day)
If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours,
please check to be sure we have received your order.

Terms and Conditions:

Payment is due upon receipt.
However, for your convenience and mine, as meeting up with everyone is impossible,
I will leave an invoice and mailing a check shortly after delivery is fine.

All Return requests must be made within 7 days of delivery to receive Credit.

Interest of 1.5% will be applied on the 1st of each month to any balance over 60 days old.

Orders will not be accepted if you have a balance more than 60 days old,
unless prior arrangements have been made.

Volume Discounts
Discounts are per customer per address.

Discounts start at 40 bales.
Discount will vary as bale size varies from trip to trip – typically around .40 cents/bale.
Large hay orders require unloading help and are scheduled as truck space permits.
Hay prices can vary greatly depending on what the grain stores have available.
Discounts start at 20 bags. The discount is $0.50 per 50 lb bag. (50 lbs bags only, can be mixed items)
 Whole pallets of the same item, discount is $1.00/bag.


Other Items/Special Orders

I can also supply Fertilizers, coal, garden supplies, wood stove pellets and

anything else carried by the grain stores that I frequent.
I am willing to source other products from other locations, but they may require an

additional pickup charge if not on my normal route.

Please call to discuss volume discounts for other items.

I will try to have a Trip Special every month.
Volume discounts do not apply to items on Trip Specials.